EXPOSURE – Snapshots from the life of Lee Miller

Dempsey & Windle
Published October 2nd 2019
ISBN 978-1-907435-94-2
150 x 210mm
perfect-bound paperback
54 pages

 Exposure focuses on the extraordinary life of the American photographer Lee Miller, model, muse, photographer and WW2 war correspondent. These poems do not form a comprehensive biography, but rather form an album of snapshots taken from events in Lee Miller’s life, her photographs and the artworks she inspired. Some poems are written in the voice of the poet, some in Lee’s voice and others in the voice of the men who constantly surrounded her.


‘Through his long quiet observation Derek Adams’ poetry gives us both the nuance and the power of Lee Miller’s personality. His insightful lines connect her talent as a surrealist artist and her achievements as war correspondent to the vulnerable person within who secretly bore the scars of child abuse and wartime traumas. I regard this book as a perceptive and touching portrait of my mother.’
Antony Penrose

‘More than the sum of its parts, Derek Adams’ engaging sequence of fast-moving, sharply focused poems offers vivid and memorable insights into Lee Miller and her extraordinary life and times.’
Michael Laskey

‘These are vivid and compassionate poems which make an imaginative leap right into Lee Miller's extraordinary life, and take the reader with them.’
Jean Sprackland


"It is a mark of Derek Adams’ skill that he has been able to convey so much about Miller’s varied life in such a short space."  Exposure reviewed by Stephen Claughton in London Grip read review here

"Each poem offers an insight into the subject’s life, connecting the person who was a talented artist and photographer with the woman who bore trauma and faded from public view. Steadily, each cumulates to a perceptive, poignant collection." 
Emma Lee, review in The Blue Nib

"The astonishing life of Lee Miller is cleverly depicted in Derek Adams’s collection."

review by Carla Scarano in The High Window  read review here

Here are links to some sample poems online

December Morn  -  London Grip

Picasso's Studio -  London Grip


Farley Farm
Elizabeth Miller Visits Brooklyn
Jolly Jack
December Morn
Not a Wave
Vogue Cover, March 1927
Meeting Man Ray
Mistress of l'image trouvé
Bal Blanc
Babysitting for the Seabrooks
Sabattier Effect
Exploding Hand
Untitled (Severed Breast from Radical Mastectomy)
Portrait of Nimet Eloui Bey
A l'Heure de l'Observatoire, Les Amoureux
Not a Perfect Match
Coup de Foudre
Portrait of Space
Long Distance Information
Shoes Made from Old Car Tyres
Lee Unbound
Grim Glory
Remington Silent
Picasso's Studio
Lee at War
A Black Hole Where Once There Was The Sun
Lee Miller Contemplates a New Life
Sleep Walkers
Alternative Medicine
Boiling Over
The Long Man



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EXPOSURE – Snapshots from the life of Lee Miller by Derek Adams


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